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Wenzhou speed financial credit financial services companies in product development, underwriting, claims and reinsurance and other core technology in the domestic non-life insurance industry leading level, mature information technology platform and complete customer information resources for business development and provides a solid technical support.

company is the first to introduce the actuarial technical product development company, in the aerospace, nuclear, energy, ocean-going ships, large industrial and commercial enterprises, government procurement, and other important insurance, lending and loan business has leading advantages in the field, able to provide customers with comprehensive, quality assurance services.

Wenzhou speed thaw credit financial services company has cultivated a number of familiar situation of senior managers and professional backbone, consulting, bills, insurance, nuclear security, survey, loss, claims and other links can bring comprehensive and convenient and efficient services to customers; uphold the Mission of serving the people, adhere to the people-oriented, and strive to create harmonious and progressive corporate culture.

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Wenzhou speed thaw loan financial service company business range covers property insurance, and life insurance, and health insurance, and assets management, and insurance brokers, and trust, and Fund, field, Formed the insurance and finance industry clusters, far-reaching forces at home and abroad.