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Fortress shares stock of nine

Fortress shares stock of nine

professional investors stock-market legend of Xu Bei, Chongqing

Bai Qingshan



name: Xu Bei, born March 11, 1974, in Chongqing, college graduate.   

entry date: 1994.   

investment style: selected stocks, heavily hit band operation, consistently profitable.   

trader language: people in the stock market, opening is a vision, a wealth of knowledge, conduct of exercises are, value-added is a treasure, a perfect life.

in the top of the lion peak in jinyun mountain in Chongqing, Xu Bei in episode one, about his fighting unit the bumpy course of 14 years.   Since November 1994, he has invested over 2.6 million Yuan into the stock market by July 2005, losing only the 60,000 yuan.

from July 2005 to the end of April 2007, he miraculously returned to more than 4.6 million Yuan through the 60,000 yuan, 22 months, had made 7,000%!   Funds all over 70 times!

Xu Bei said, "I'm from market intervention in 1994 to the present, has gone through several rounds of Bull and bear markets. But regardless of the bull market of the past bear markets are losing money, and now the concept has changed, the right approach to investing, brought me to a success. "

a 20 year old in the night" Millionaire "

on March 11, 1974, Xu Bei was born in Chongqing," workers ' and peasants ' families ". My father works in a Bank, the mother at home farm.   In August 1993, Xu Bei after graduating from high school in his father's footsteps, entering the ICBC branch in Beibei, Chongqing, started with stock become attached.

at that time, the Bank colleagues speculate a lot. Buy them Chongqing's "youngest" Yu-Tai Bai, Southwest pharmaceutical industry so far, batteries, have made a lot of money. Xu Bei heart itch, itch. On November 22, 1994, Xu Bei carries a million accounts, colleagues, under the guidance of buy the first shares of Fujian mindong, few days to earn thousands of Yuan. "This stock market to make money, I really like the wind, fast!   "Xu Bei reveling in the joy of the first victory.

"If you want to make a lot of money, reaps, buy e! "Someone coaching him. Don't even know e what Xu Bei, rushed into Fujian and eastern Fujian stock warrants.   He earned a profit on the Fujian mindong, lost within two days.

stock market charm has seized the heart of Xu Bei, make him stop. His importuning his father and uncle, let them hundreds of thousands of homes over the years of "up" to him.   Xu Bei began to dream in the stock market.

Xu Bei de a Qionghai (now Hyde shares) as the object of hunting, 5.80 Yuan bin purchase. The next morning, Xu Bei call query share price jump to more than 8 Yuan, viewing account has millions that night, to achieve a "million dream" of Xu Bei insomnia. The next day, Xu Bei kept in front of the big screen. 9:30 A.M., opening, qionghaide banner high. However, after half an hour, Qionghai German share prices falling, Xu Bei faded, was depressed. "The stock market is such a joy, and it hates me! "Only overnight" millionaires "Xu Bei let out a sigh ... ...

Xu Bei has original and part-time runs 7 companies were small.   Xu Bei heart cannot forget the stock market, the stock market lost "holes", he would earn money fills them in on the business, not more fill lose more money.

the winter of 2002, he invested in Florida project, investment, and creditors forced to come.   In term of loan the day before he went into the stock exchange, looking at the green market and cut half of the stocks, cruel to tear out.   

b miles away, knocking door to Fortune

in early 2004, Xu Bei see some improvement in the stock market, will once again raise capital million Yuan into the stock market.

on March 19, 2004, a friend told him that mysteriously, lanling chenxiang (600735, now ST crusted) there is big money involved, users are buying. Xu Bei think Bo put, immediately around 6.70 Yuan into. But Lan Ling Chen Yin fell every day, his account shrinks dramatically. By April 22, lanling chenxiang results in heavy losses, as "ST" hat, after three straight down and into the rain fell way. Xu Bei holding expects growing money, but by August 2004 have fallen just 2.   Xu Bei million loss, and wanted to cry but no tears.

has a stubborn personality of Xu Bei are reluctant to fall, he determined to find expert advice, look for the stock market is all about. On April 22, 2005, he travel to Chengdu, at "night of the securities" were hit, guests are well-known securities analysts in Shanghai Zhong Lin. Mr Bell said: "just made it through the two-month period, until the end of June beginning of July, everyone to buy the stock, then it is really started when the bull market! "

the presence of investors excited, Xu Bei excited. He had read Mr Zhong Lin of the trader, the fighting of the battle of the intellectual and the Manor of cattle, having heard his insightful remarks, has injected a breath of heart like, blow out. The next day, Xu Bei to station about Zhong Lin, hoping to ask for advice. Was informed that he had left Chengdu, Xu Bei overnight to Shanghai, but was informed that Mr Bell is still on a business trip.   Xu Bei, for a whole week, and bitterly.

on May 12, 2005, Xu Bei to Hefei on business, in a stock exchange ran into Mr Bell.   Zhong Lin moved by his sincerity, in institutions for many years as trader sentiment and stock-trading skills taught Xu Bei without reserve.

c to fight to make 70 times

in late June 2005, returned to the jialing River of Xu Bei, Chinese bull market new ideas coming! 22 months, Xu Bei realized the fight has created over 70 times a year funds miracle ... ...

operation experience 1 make money from the familiar stock

one day in July 2005, when Xu Bei pass through jialing River, found a large tracts of undeveloped land, across the river is the heart of Chongqing yuzhong district jiefangbei. "This is gold! "Xu Bei inquired, that piece of land has 334 acres, belonging to listed companies in Chongqing dongyuan company.   End of Xu Bei, decided to put ST dongyuan (000656) as a breach of dafanshenzhang.

at this point, ST dongyuan was fierce down on July 11 after breaking, fell on July 14, fell on July 15, the unit is a limit! Xu Bei eyeing aircraft, fell 1.82 Yuan pay down first, and as down as possible. ST dongyuan pulling strongly from July 20, Xu Bei firm hold, band. On September 21, the ST Eastern shares hit new highs, Xu Bei funds accounts are also doubled.


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