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Golden week had investors cramming time unit

Golden week had investors cramming time unit

"the golden week do? Buy books, Internet, cramming share knowledge, make big money into the stock market in early morning trading.   "6th at noon, standing in Jinan quancheng Lu Xinhua securities investments before the popular book Shoppe, Jinan" stock "Qin ladies are carefully selected stock of books.

"to stop and boning shares knowledge, thanks to God's grace. "Miss Qin, she and her husband had planned to open car before the Golden Week travel, but the couple driving skills, particularly fearful of driving rain and snow. Ms Qin couple on 1st waiting at home, and wait for the good weather, watched a succession of rain, listening to "tomorrow and the day after will also be rain and fog" weather forecast, they were thoroughly disappointed.   Seven-day holiday is not staring at home every day, at the instigation of investor husband, the couple returned to Xinhua Bookstore a stack of stock investment books.

in an interview Ms Qin's time, reporters noted quancheng road hot book Shoppe in Xinhua Bookstore opened specially for stock investment, became the busiest section of the third floor, shelves are filled with books of all kinds of securities investment. Counter service personnel, books on securities priced higher than other books, but investors buy up don't see pricing. During the golden week, securities investment book sales here doubled several times than usual.