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Bull shares to top

Bull shares to top

a bull after a certain, usually to continue for a few years ' time, during any downturn is temporary. Currently being run by this bull said, only from January 2007 to February and May to June in Japan form 4 k "humps", others fell a few days time.   This presents a problem for us: how bull markets operations.

bull market should be holding the top. Small retail investors have a common fault, is can get the end of a bear market and a bull market won't be able to get. Bear market get in the end is because of a loss of more than a more reluctant to sell, was afraid of virtual losses into real losses, so the wear at the end of ideological holdings until paper losses reached 70%, 80% patient. While the bulls out of the top, it is because a profit just want to cash in a hurry, Fiat fell to do? Rising from 998 to rare who can hold them at present.   If it did from 998 holding fixed to now at least twice times the profit, and now 5560.42 is top of the market.

bull markets don't chase hot spots. It is said that bull market holding is right, but it's not silly holding, according to dynamic changing hot wheels, throwing up high are getting cold, buying up is getting hot. This is theoretically perfect, action difficult. Who can know in advance which plates which stocks are going to get cold, who can know in advance which sectors and which stocks are going to get hot? Since this bull market, the first blue-chip market popularity, from early 2007 to April or May, the poor-performance unit, a trash fire. Then blue-chip market. From the plate said, has been the real estate, banking, securities, aviation and hot plates.   So in bull selection white horse unit, the blue chips have been fixed is the best policy.

bull markets don't go in-band. Band has been the stock market's most persuasive and most attractive way, today even institutional investors have not given up entirely. If we can buy at the bottom of each band, sold at the top, that profit will be no small matter. Problem is you can step on the band. Practical result is the band difficult to tread. So now some fund managers and people who value investment, are no longer utilizing band method, but the selected value stocks, growth stocks, undervalued stocks, relying on the dividends of the company returning to profitability, growth and value.