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More than 10 years stock farmers and 60,000 beats out thousands of net worth

More than 10 years stock farmers and 60,000 beats out thousands of net worth

Xie Xianqing, a farmer in Sichuan, third grade culture, China's first generation of investors.     More than 10 years the stock market ups and downs, but also created his ups and downs of life.

in 1991, Xie Xianqing, with 100,000 yuan into the heart of large rooms, in just two years time from Denver, 10 million in the stock market.     In 1994, Xie Xianqing sailed on in the stock market fall in the futures market, the assets lost within one year and carries 3 million debt.

get up again after a few years in the stock market, Xie Xianqing claimed to have been reborn, said stocks could not only luck, to rely on knowledge and wisdom.     Experienced wealth ups and downs, "risk" has almost become his most frequently mentioned words.

60,000 beats out millions worth

from 100,000 to 10 million to 3 million in debt, Xie Xianqing we took a trip to wealth "roller coaster". In July 1991, Xie Xianqing sold printing of 60,000 yuan, killing Ben in Shenzhen stock market. 1991 SSE was founded, can buy and sell stock only, Baoan, Kaneda, Xie Xianqing cheapest money buy deep Baoan, 3 Yuan a share, in Exchange for a pile of stock certificates, back to the hotel and went to bed. After 3 months, Baoan, deep rose to 6 Yuan, Xie Xianqing was from his hometown to raise money, get in the 100,000 yuan for a seat "big room".

said Xie Xianqing, luck, want to make a fortune out unstoppable! In May 1992, Baoan, deep rose to 30.     In Shenzhen two years, Xie Xianqing sailed into the stock market at the beginning, no matter what, is turning to make, Xie Xianqing 60,000 dollar into the stock market soon turned to 1.7 million Yuan.

time to the year 1993, stock heat quickly spread throughout the country, Chengdu began to hongmiao "chemically" market peak there are tens of thousands of people use manual transactions with a variety of primitive securities. Xie Xianqing sell stocks in Shenzhen and return to Chengdu.     Hong Miao Zi after the acquisition of salt of Sichuan, Leshan electric power, Chang Hong, this is the most glorious Xie Xianqing period, linear surge to 10 million of his personal assets.

in 1993, Luzhou laojiao the CDs issued new shares, after checking out, Xie Xianqing loaded sacks amounted to $ 6 million in cash to Luzhou, higher per share price 2 prices, check, accepted more than 400,000 units. Luzhou laojiao listed, Xie Xianqing throws it all in cash. To his surprise, there was at that time shares, there are thousands of old cellar orders there has not sold.     Thousands of old cellar and later he started fighting again the stock market funds.     

fry 1 month futures lost 8 million

tens of millionaire Xie Xianqing forgot words, "long win will pride, pride goes before a fall", and made a killing in the stock market, he never dreamed he planted a large fall in the futures market.

in 1994, Xie Xianqing began experimenting with more risky futures, becoming the first fried Sichuan farmers in the future. But this time, fate seems to be no longer visited Xie Xianqing, FRY Hainan grain futures lost more than 2 million; fried steel futures and a loss of 2 million also don't throw in the towel and fried Treasury bond futures, when "3? 27 "turmoil and loss of millions of Yuan. Only 1 months lost more than 8 million yuan in futures.

Xie Xianqing again earn their money in the stock market to the futures market, but losing Peregrine, millions of money last with only 2 million, Xie Xianqing decided one last shot, borrowed 3 million enough 5 million, bin buying steel again, this time is to lose everything. In the futures market, Xie Xianqing has not only lost all his possessions, but also racked up debts of more than 3 million Yuan. As a result of the changes, Xie Xianqing's wife fell ill and soon died.