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Commissioned orders are only valid on the day

Commissioned orders are only valid on the day

for the duration of the stocks and funds entrusted, I don't know. They are not only valid on that day, the trading hours of the day is invalid?   In addition, different means of existence of difference?

new investors, Li


in respect of stocks and funds entrusted validity issues, often have the shareholders to ask.   To this end, we specifically on this issue, Wah Fu Estate funds to ensure a reassuring answer to investors.

first, stock transactions, regardless of the means (counter, telephone, Internet), delegate declarations are valid on the day, after the market close becomes invalid, the next day you need to delegate.   

Similarly, for closed-end funds, and stocks are also traded on the secondary market, so its delegates will also share the same, only valid on the day.

while open-end funds are somewhat differently from the first two, the Christian Democrats were particularly require attention. It is divided into the following two situations: first, if you are trading 9:30-15:00 the words of purchase, then ended the day of net buying. Second, if you buy a fund after the closing, which is 15:00, then the purchase price of the Fund will be closed the next day calculated on the net price.

delegate is valid and means, no relationship between the two. Regardless of the means you use (counter, direct selling, network), in accordance with the above two categories.