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Beware of securities after stocks thief

Beware of securities after stocks thief

3 years ago had led many investors suffered losses "stock thieves" appeared the latest variant of the virus.   Beijing Jiangmin anti-virus specialists reminded investors, this variety is devastating, after stocks should tread carefully.

"stock thieves" new variant started with the computer by modifying the system registry.   When users log on security systems, it will secretly monitor the current window title, once found "securities" "trade", the words "start recording keyboard action, and securities user input user ID and password sent to the virus writers to the specified mailbox.

jiangmin antivirus experts, can be manipulated by hackers to steal online stock entrusting trade account via online order buying high and selling low, greatly endangering stock stolen user account security. In 2004, the "stock thieves" had stolen through online stock entrusting system buy stolen stock capital of millions of Yuan, virus writers were sentenced.