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The meaning of money: from survival to improve quality of life

significance of everyone making money should be to improve the quality of life in order to survive, so that the meaning of money? But with a different emphasis. Some say she making money is to give parents a sense of, this is a good reason but also obedient. Maybe I don't do exactly as their parents. Of course I would want to give money to their parents on the support, we also regularly send money to my parents every year, though not many, but parents can be.

as long as the parents healthy, cost is not very big. First came to Shanghai stuck on the young, I came to Shanghai from their homes, filled with enthusiasm and expectation, that full of gold waiting for me. I am excited in this neon city streets, Shanghai I wanted to shout out loud here!

sea Shanghai will give me a big hug: you are welcome to come! But the dream is hard to shine into reality at the time. Cold hard truth destroys my dream, when my life is unsustainable, I thought of giving up, ready to go home.

but if I go back and face are just facing loess back into the farmers ' life. I didn't leave home to escape that life, because I just can't do it, remember Dan rice, now the generation after the little-known, when I am at home planting, harvesting rice, Dan rice, as long as the work has to be done. Dan rice is heavy physical work, too much for my young shoulders, direct red, I chose nearly 10 Dan rice lie directly on the rice burst into tears.

live in the opposite of Uncle heard my cries and quickly ran over to help me pick out, he let me have a go. And then planting, rice paddies like leeches in tadpole swimming to and fro, I cry every transplant is starting to cry over.

too afraid of ephedra, when conditions are too poor, can't afford to buy boots, had to use old clothes and tied up the foot to shank more than ... But there are leeches. Seedling plug finished had paragraph time nursery in will has weed, to removed weed we to with a tool to weed, young of I fundamental not understand how to lane, on will tool from beginning to end of drum about, will paddy in of water to muddy has on thought grass no has, results second days those grass and tenacious of straight up has waist, almost put I brother directly gas died... He let me rework I die than I said I had never done, so brother rework yourself. Now I'm home after being found is people who do farmers do not have enough to eat.

the work I had to go out to eat, so I'm in Shanghai. But Shanghai where has my shelter, stumbling start from 60 Yuan a month's salary, 60 just enough for me to eat some porridge bread, and then led a nomadic life. This life should be continued for a year or so, when living conditions are poor, food is forced to solve problems. Based in Shanghai said saving for buying a House soon, but quite a lot of time years later based in Shanghai. Subsequent days slowly get better, when I cut off the back roads home after all suffering can only suffer in silence, a man of hard work a person suffering. When I met my husband there are two lonely poor people warm to each other.

so after we get married and have children, Shanghai rental, that resolution to House more and more. I later stabilized sales, higher incomes, and accumulation of the first bucket of gold bought his first small house, the meaning of money is, I want to have a home, a place that doesn't require much. A dream come true! Small changing room I spent five years at that time absorbed in its own family, parents when young, no need to worry about us, we place it's not so much time and energy to deal with. So for my father's sudden death is still very guilty, my father was in when I first bought their first homes found lung cancer, died after half a year, at the age of only 68. Father's death made me understand a child to raise and not wait, ever since my mother and her much attention, concerned about their physical condition.

when MOM came to Shanghai, I took her to the hospital, her father-in-law also check other hotels to, keep in mind everything is not more important than health. We are a family of three living in a small house for 5 years, children grow, you need to have separate rooms, so I thought of going for a big house, so once again saving money in order to improve the quality of life, in order to give the child a beautiful and comfortable home. We took 5 years to finally achieve this goal, and now I have lived in the big house for Decade, never to change House and the idea of buying a House.