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Forbes: China investor international asset allocation presented three major directions

Forbes, outreach 24th aboard the international asset allocation trends report released in Beijing, China investor international asset allocation trends were observed. The report noted that Chinese investors in considering the international asset allocation is the primary idea about differences between movable and immovable property, and specific configurations showing the three major directions. One is the International Monetary Fund, current dollars by Chinese investors, euro liquidity is emphasized.

second is the configuration of a wide variety of financial products. Overseas insurance and bonds as many investors in some countries the first step in asset allocation. A trend is worthy of attention and trust products are growing in popularity in recent years, including on wealth transmission product particular attention.

it's real estate investments. Attracted by overseas permanent property rights, as well as children's education and old-age medical drive, investing in real estate became an important part of many international investors ' asset allocation. Reports said that at the time of international asset allocation, Chinese investors to consider the risks including currency fluctuations, the laws of the host country's policy change, enterprise information is not transparent. Therefore an effective market-based systems is that they select.

but in order to achieve an ideal investment, risk-averse, Chinese investors generally tend to look for investment advisers, lawyers and tax experts for guidance. Reports said that at present, Chinese investors remained focused on financial investments and real estate investments will focus on business opportunities and global business development on a smaller number.

but in the interview, also surveyed said immigrants and in earlier years to life for the purpose of comparison, people now start planning for investment or asset allocation, will initially focus on local business opportunities and asset distribution. Consultant, President of Galaxy securities chief Zuo predicted that on the day of the event, China's foreign investment in "Thirteen-Five" may have an annual growth of 15%. Reports also said that with the acceleration of the process of the internationalization of RMB overseas asset allocations real conditions are constantly being improved.