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Chinese Buffett Halo fading bin 21 funds 15 deficit

for the vagaries of the stock market, in order to achieve sustained profitability is very difficult.  Recently, the media has a "Chinese Warren Buffett," said bin management of Shenzhen Eastern Bay investment management profit loss last year.

in addition, the company set up a new fund this year has also appeared in the performance Division, end gaps of up to 36%. The industry believes that, apart from the market volatility substantially a factor this year, and may vary the Fund Manager's investment philosophy is also the main cause of this phenomenon.  In this regard, China economic net reporter tried to telephone the company involved, but said that he now heads out, unable to respond.   

sound investment loss market turmoil?

always give sound investment, impression of value investing private equity bosses but in 2014, the Red bin, the news took investors by surprise. According to media reports, in 2014, but bin management private equity firm East haven achieved operating income of 13.71 million Yuan, representing a growth of 60%.  2014-the company realized a net loss of 430,000 yuan in 2013, representing a decrease of 720,000 yuan.  

articles pointed out that, only products trustee assets management business aspects, as this year September 30, East harbour management of Fund amounted to 22 only, in tube scale 1.402 billion yuan; from issued time Shang view, 22 only products in the, removed 2007 issued of "East Harbour peace marathon trust" and the 2010 issued of "thaw new 263 East Harbour 1 period trust", remaining products of established time are discontent one years.

judging from the yields, this 22 products, highest yield in its early days were among the private Sun three "Eastern Harbour trust the peace marathon". The product was founded on February 28, 2007, and in April of that year the official operation as of September 25, 2015, the product unit 2.0509 Yuan NET, net cumulative growth rate 105%. Conversion of adult income, roughly 8.8%.  Under the same algorithm, the other one was founded in the end of 2010 "into the new harbour 1 263 Eastern trust" annual earnings for 10%.

China economic net reporter, but bin is a well-known private equity mogul, and the industry as a "copy of Buffett's most successful Chinese."  Origin of physical education but appearance-wise, fitter for two years after graduation, 1992 came into contact with Shenzhen stocks, investment, gradually took to the road to securities and futures research and investment.

in 2003 he bought vanke, 23 5 buy moutai, 12 buying Wanhua, 9 to buy outstanding shares in companies such as China Merchants Bank, then keep buying so far benefited rich. In 2007, but bin published his monograph of roses--but bin investment notes, Chinese stock market investment philosophy of the golden age, a gun and red.  East Bay investment management limited liability company was established in March 2004, bin now directly holds 36.57 million shares, the total capital of 69%.

years new established Fund were mixed mutual now

East Harbour had said, company past of investment combination in the, through and star enterprise of long-term common growth, get has quite rich of returns, including but unlimited Yu Guizhou maotai, and Tencent holding, and Yunnan baiyao, and Baiyun mountain, and Shanghai home of, and Yantai Wanhua, and odd Tiger 360, and Tesla, and Solarcity, and Google, and Apple, and de Kang medical, and Illumina, and tongrentang technology, and complex star international, investment.  As can be seen, most of which is stock with "moats" stable blue chips.

with a good reputation and long-term viability of investment performance, but bin harbour in the East under the leadership of rapid development. At present, the East Bay's main assets management business is divided into product business and fiduciary asset management accounts. As of June 30, 2015, total assets under management of the company at 4.3 billion yuan, representing an increase of 2014 117%.  Which account assets under management increased to 3.112 billion yuan, the largest individual customer assets under management reached 865 million Yuan.

China economic net reporter, published in the East Bay Company official website, apart from the East Bay Business Growth Fund for the new Fund has no net worth, but the remaining 15 of the 21 funds are in deficit. Harbour-No. 3601 losses at least as Han Jing, from its establishment on September 9, 2015 to October 16, the net cumulative growth rate is-0.1%.  Harbour Hong Kong stocks lose most is the golden key to the East through the 1th, was established on May 14, 2015 until October 16, net cumulative growth rate is-13.3%.

Although at a loss of these funds have a common characteristic, that's all for this year set up a new Fund. But what is puzzling is, plus 3 Fund established this year as Gao Fuhan King Harbor, 1th, finance capital harbour in the East growth fund, 1th profits Han, Eastern Harbour view 1 has performed well. As of market close on October 16 cumulative net growth rate of more than 15%, East haven profits Hanjing 1 is 23.3%.