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Five dangerous gold details: teach you how to get the money back

today is July, wage case 11, the beginning of each month, small financial put on his pants and sure enough baby, pay up!!

suddenly unhappy, because on the wages of all kinds of clasps, buckles, buckle simply was a break of goblins, no views on this thaw, just think the salary deducted money, either drop or save to make insurance fund drops, are our hard earned money! You may feel wronged may appeal, beautiful you go out without picking up money is losing money, did not achieve the maximum benefit is losing money, to become a goddess of witty returned, and we hand over a soft currency! Then quickly opened the five dangerous gold financial guidance and detailed regulations.

first question: making getting endowment insurance me first: five dangerous much gold is not a bad thing, and you can get more. Proportion of old-age insurance payment: pay 20%, personal payment 8%. Individual contributions on the standard for himself a full 8% of the average wage, to personal accounts in full. Generally at least 15 years, to a retirement pension for life, so I want to take the pensions of people be sure to own started 15 years before I retire.

Note: individual payment years total over 15 years, monthly basic pension after retirement. If there is a break to pay, as long as the cost paid by the retirement align.

second question: Housing Fund was able to buy a House not only according to the actual situation of the enterprise, select the payment ratio, maximum fee amount shall not exceed the average wage of staff and workers in principle 12%, units and employees each pay half. If your salary is 8000, you pay 800 Yuan, you deduction of 800, your monthly Provident Fund accounts should have 1600 Yuan. Provident Fund account and not worthwhile, because it paid part of the only current deposit interest rates, and paid in previous years can only be granted a three-month time deposit rates. Even when taking into account depreciation, income is also very low, so the housing accumulation funds please try to extract small thaw will teach you how!

1, purchase now! Show year worth noting Fund 1-20 of time each month, weekends without loans, provident fund interest rate 2.75% per annum for 5 years now, 5 years 3.25%, is far below the commercial lending rate. Not housing loans can be run at once.

2, rent it! Sao years to buy a House, and pay align for three consecutive months, Provident Fund Provident Fund for the working dogs can rent it! If you live of is public rental, prepared good rental contract and make rent of proved; if you live of is housing, except rental contract, also need to Bureau open a himself or couples both are no property of proved, took with rental contract related proved and the you of ID, to Provident Fund Center do procedures, one week within money on will turned to you of personal account in, but each drawn are to guarantee you of Provident Fund account inside at least retained 500 block money.

3, can also pay the fee-income economic difficulties extracting family housing fund to pay service fees.

family member 4, treatment of major diseases major diseases of major surgery or hospitalization, workers extracted and the spouse may apply for housing accumulation Fund, application date must be within 1 year from the date of discharge, extract the amount does not exceed the cost burden on individual parts.

5, construction, repair, overhauls on rural collective land housing construction, renovation and overhaul its own housing and housing loans, yourself and spouse can apply for a run, extraction of an amount not exceeding the construction price. Third question: unemployment insurance and unemployment insurance payment ratio for no egg: pay 2%, personal payment 1%. Unemployment insurance to pay for a year in order to enjoy, generally 2 months pay 1 year, 2 years and 4 months, but a lifetime up to 24 months. If his resignation is get a penny for that! Unemployment insurance have to pay, but even if they are unemployed, most people also do not get unemployment insurance only registered unemployed can apply for the street. The fourth problem: medical insurance not only in hospitals with a lot of people believe that health insurance is limited to use in hospital, small thawing tells you not only have the role. Medical insurance payment ratio: pay 9%, individuals pay 2% plus the 10-Yuan serious illness, serious illness in hospital.

a Medicare card, we not only can choose medical treatment within the designated medical institutions in the city, and can also be used in the context of retail pharmacies to buy drugs. The fifth problem: pay attention to the effectiveness of the work-related injury insurance payment ratio according to the unit, between the 0.5%~2%, individuals do not have to pay.

so does not appear on your pay stub. There are a lot more people in the unit after the injury, as long as proof of the hospital, no matter how long can apply to units for industrial injury, wrong wrong wrong! Small thawing tells you is limitation of industrial injury insurance! In the event of accident or occupational disease prevention regulations is diagnosis and appraisal of occupational disease, the employing unit shall, from the date of accident or diagnosis and appraisal of occupational diseases within 30th of, work-related injury certification application to social security administration department.

the sixth problem: 4 months of birth insurance subsidies do not white do not if you are a girl, then you will get one-child certificates marriage certificates + card + case + build size check all invoices and inpatient surgery + hospital + discharge summary list of all these materials to the unit, can enjoy the 4-month wage subsidies. If you are a man, your wife did not work or work units did not pay the insurance, and she gave birth to a child you maternity insurance has been more than a year, then you can claim maternity insurance.