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Thousand joint ventures this third-quarter sell Wang yawei and storm technology

the a-share listed companies ' third-quarter reports are in full swing, some famous investment road map layout of listed companies is now clear. From the information that has been disclosed, the original public offering, private big brothers Wang yawei seemed to lighten up considerably in the third quarter, including the monster index storm of recent technology.

However, deep in the corner *ST Lu again after many years later in his favor, is surprising. Many stocks are holdings of public information, Wang yawei its thousands of joint ventures currently manages 5 private equity funds, including securities, Yun Feng Yun feng, 2nd, Yun feng, 3rd, origami, 1TH and thousand Bauhinia 1th. According to listed companies showed that as of June 30, Wang yawei management of these 5 products appeared in only 25 ranks top 10 shareholders of listed companies.

the daily economic news reporter noted that, as of now, these 25 Wang yawei concept stocks, already has 12 unveiled three quarterly reports. Overall, in the third quarter, Wang yawei seems mainly to reduction of operations. Jifeng agricultural machinery, as of June 30, Yun feng securities holding company 4.7985 million shares 1.5% per cent of company shares; Yun feng, 3rd holding 3.8617 million shares, shares 1.21% per cent; thousands of Bauhinia, 1th holding 3.3591 million shares, shares 1.05% per cent; three products were ranked 7th, 9, and 10 major shareholders of the company.

However, jifeng agricultural machinery three quarterly report published today shows that these three products have gone top in the list of shareholders in the company. Ho Yun technology or some similar. As of June 30, Yun feng securities, Yun feng He Yunfeng, 2nd, 3rd respectively hold 203,600, 200,000 and 129,500 units, accounting for shares of the company respectively, and 1.02% and 0.65%.

three quarterly reports show only Yun feng securities are still in the top ten in the list of shareholders, holding the number dropped to 161,000 shares. The market has been concerned about "ghost shares" technology show in the storm, Wang yawei steering thousands of Bauhinia, 1th 1.2828 million shares in the number of shareholding at the end of the second quarter, accounted for 4.28%, among the largest shareholders. But the company today disclosed three quarterly and annual reports in the list of top ten shareholders had no "thousands of Bauhinia 1th", the tenth largest shareholders holding 515,800 shares, thousands of Bauhinia, 1th in reduction of storm technology at least 760,000 shares in the third quarter. In addition, there was sushi testing, confidence in electrical and Ho Feng technology update in the list of top ten shareholders thousands of Bauhinia, 1th, Yun feng securities He Yunfeng 3rd, also disappeared in the three quarterly reports.

in view of these companies is currently the tenth largest shareholders holding less than the above number of holdings, Wang yawei reduction almost can confirm things. In addition, the three environmental protection by Yun feng securities sell 3.3 million shares as of September 30, the product still holds a 27.5 million shares of the company, 4.61% of the total shares outstanding. Worth noting is that Wang yawei sell stock number in "national team" favors. Sushi testing Huijin company's largest shareholders as at present, its holdings of 1.1018 million shares; Huijin and confidence electrical card companies held 25.9023 million shares and 23.4857 million shares, respectively 4th, 5 large shareholders of the company.

*ST Lu favors with the reduction of stocks in different, Wang yawei of new red power seems to be "love long term." As at the end of the third quarter, Wang yawei holdings comparison six months did not change, thousands of Bauhinia, 1th, Yun feng securities still holding 1.1537 million shares, 519800 shares, respectively. In addition, the State power NARI, day State shares some special. As of June 30, Yun feng, 3rd, Yun feng securities respectively hold State power NARI 16.8004 million shares, 12.1448 million shares; by the end of the third quarter, Yun feng, 3rd number of shares rose to 19.9 million shares, but Yun feng securities does not appear in the list of top ten shareholders in the company.

State power NARI is currently the tenth largest shareholders holding 18.1629 million shares, far higher Yu Yunfeng half the year number of holdings of securities, hence cannot definitively determine Yun feng of securities in the third quarter. Situation similar to day State shares. Surprise was *ST Lu Yun feng appeared for the first time in the list of the top ten shareholders stock figure. As at the end of the third quarter, and 1.5155 million shares of the company held by the product, as the company's tenth largest shareholders. In 2013 and 2014, the company registered substantial losses this year, shell faced pressure, *ST Lu to profit in the third quarter.

analysts believe that Lu operation does not have too many bright spots in the *ST, points of its body is the reorganization of assets. In fact, as early as in 2011, Wang yawei when AMC had intervened in the stock. 2010-*ST Lu in huge losses. 2011 1, chinaamc Wang yawei management selection and a strategy selection hold *ST LU 6 million shares and 2.4 million shares, total circulating shares were 3.8% and 1.5% respectively. *ST Lu success in 2011 to achieve results in reverse, these two funds is also rewarding.