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Decent job the bitter experience of the bank employee happiness why so low

Liu Peng (not his real name) sitting in the cabin, waiting for flights to Hangzhou from Shenzhen took off, it was during the national day holiday, Hangzhou, Liu Peng was not to play, but to negotiate a discount business.  As a grass-roots employees of the Bank, who in September the task has not been completed, if this can be negotiated, in September, earnings or bonuses will be deducted all of September.  

from his grey-white hair that has already occurred in the mirror, 30 years old Liu Peng can finally rest 1 hour, you can turn off cell phone, completely relax on the back of the plane. Bank has long been considered landscape professional, decent incomes, working time is fixed. This year's "two sessions", CCB throws on "banks are vulnerable groups" after the word, caused widespread debate.  Recently, this reporter to banks grassroots employees learned that Bank's grass-roots workers vulnerable in some respects, happiness is very low.

according to Bank internal people introduced, Bank General employees of wage is not is high, to Beijing for cases, Bank cabinet member of monthly about for 3000 Yuan around, plus bonus monthly can reached 5000 Yuan above, individual performance special good of month can reached 10,000 yuan above, wants to more high of income, is need has special contribution of, for example pulled to deposits big single or issued out large quality loan.  This shows that the banks are not outsiders understand as extremely high incomes.

Bank employees to work overtime had become the norm, and extremely low error tolerance, teller a sum of errors deducting the performance in the second half, income is always at stake. In addition, the training system is not perfect, many couples encounter not business but was forced to start.  Coupled with the lunch time constraints, a strong sense of oppression, over time, have an impact on mental and physical.

If it is a special business account managers like Liu Peng, under greater pressure.  Just imagine, banks want to loan the money to the AAA level enterprise, companies also will have to make many considerations in choosing a bank.

Liu Peng introduced themselves in order to get to the customer, not only to lose customers to drink for dinner, also accompany clients bath sauna even has a son also had to help customers write homework.  In short, do not maintain good customer, naturally has other bank account manager to maintain, then you have no bonus, live.

not Bank work? No, Liu Peng, Shenzhen mortgage to buy a home, monthly payments to more than 10,000 yuan per month, is not a Bank, where money mortgage payments? Where there's money for the child's expenses? Liu Peng said that Dior for my Audi, wives and children of Oreo cookies, I can put up.