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When "double flat" people's "money bags" what's changed?

for ordinary people was very strange, "cut down" by 2015 seemed to be regulars.

the night of October 23, the Central Bank once again announced on October 24, down RMB loan and deposit interest rates. Cut its benchmark one-year lending rate from 0.25% to 4.35%, cut its benchmark one-year deposit rate from 0.25% to 1.5%. While no longer Cap deposit interest rate floating.

will lower the reserve requirement ratio for financial institutions by 0.5% on the same day. This cuts down on June 28, August 26, after yet another "double flat". As consumers, our "money bags" and have those changes? Journalists were investigated. Different differences in bank interest rates of deposits in Lanzhou "double flat" for those who have a fixed habit of saving consumers, is a worrying message.

because it has cut interest rates, calculated in accordance with benchmark interest rates, lump-sum one-year fixed deposit rate of only 1.5%, this means that 10,000 yuan in the Bank, interest only 150 yuan a year. And 100,000 yuan deposit interest is only 1500 Yuan a year, before the rate cut was less than 250 Yuan. In addition, and September 2014 compared to the interest rates on one-year 3%, halved a year interest only. But it is worth to note is that while the rate cut, the Central Bank also announced that "no longer deposit interest rate floating caps", which means some banks for deposit-taking, given deposit rates higher than 1.5%, banks ' interest rate differential will also further increase, consumers in choosing a bank must "shop around".

for example, this "double flat", the big state-owned bank to China Construction Bank, for example 1-year deposit rate adjustment 1.75%, joint-stock banks to the people's livelihood, for example 1-year deposit interest rate for 2% and, in addition, city Commercial Bank Bank of Lanzhou for example 1-year deposit interest rate is 2.1%. That is the same is the 1-year deposit of 10,000 yuan in different banks, the difference of interest rates there will be 35, if the amount deposited, the gap is further widened. One year after its mortgage loans less interest 280,000 million "double flat" makes some people feel happy. Because for "mortgage", will once again reduce the mortgage burden.

reporters found, the last rate cut occurred on August 26, when more than 5-year loan interest rate from 5.4% to 5.15%, when it saw the lowest mortgage rates. After the rate cut, which are setting new lows in interest rates reduced to 4.9%. That is to say, 1 million yuan of loans in the past, equal monthly principal 20 modes 6683. Now, after adjusting for 6544 Yuan per month, each month to reduce the burden on 139.

This is equivalent to the price for buyers continues to decline. But because the loan interest rate is starting from next year after new year's day, so the "mortgage" next year to enjoy the reduced monthly benefits. Head of the construction Bank of China, Gansu Provincial branch of the one responsible for the mortgage business is a different account to reporters: after a Central Bank cut rates November 22, 2014, more than five-year lending rate calculated at 6.15%, 1 million of commercial loans 30 matching principal and interest calculated monthly 6092, total interest rate of 1.193 million Yuan.

and according to the standard 4.9% of the mortgage after the latest rate cut, under the same conditions, only monthly 5307, 785 Yuan less per month, total interest for 910,000. Thus, just over a year, 1 million of the loan less interest 280,000 less total interest rate for 23.5%. If the year will cut interest rates, less or more next year.