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Gold prices are still down space experts: investing in gold jewelry has very little meaning

the European Central Bank after the release of further easing signals, China's Central Bank on October 23 direct offering of "double drop" policy. 23rd International spot gold prices in Europe rose to $ 1179.45 an ounce, but then turned again, day refreshing low since October 14 from 1158.70. With fluctuation of gold prices, gold and other precious metals investment once again become an important option for investors.

but according to financial planner reminders when investing in the precious metal, choose their own investments and investment platform is very important, especially to guard against underground speculation risks. US interest rate expectations stir up the gold market since mid-July this year, moving away from low gold prices, highest rose more than 10%. Since October 15, gold gradually come down. Central Bank on Friday announced "double flat", the gold was once an ounce from us $ 1170 quickly pulled around $ 9 to $ 1179.40 an ounce. Insiders pointed out that central banks cut interest rates drop for gold market news of the day in the short covering rally, but the rally was not the driving force because of the Fed's FOMC meeting next week, investors are still more choice in the may unrest a week ago with good appearance.

in addition, stocks soared on Friday, also weakened investor interest in gold. Worth noting is that spot gold is settled in US dollars. Under normal circumstances, the price of gold and the US dollar has a negative trend that the dollar rose, gold fell; the dollar and gold rose. The daily economic news reporter noted, the Fed will meet for two days of discussion in October 27-28th meeting.

Goldman Sachs said in a report a few days ago, the possibility of the Fed's December rate hike move is 60%, is expected to raise interest rates by 25 basis points. Gold is still a downside in this context, the future has a gold investment value? "The market is betting against a trend of weak global economy as a whole, it is expected that gold will be stronger because of the instability of the global economy. "United States Bank one senior investment analysts said gold has been affected by the Federal Reserve may raise the federal funds rate expectations of continued pressure, the dollar for gold in trouble. But he also pointed out that the speculation that the Federal Reserve may not raise interest rates this year could make gold down limited; but now, alone it is difficult to bring the gold back steady gains. Liu Dongliang, senior analyst at China Merchants Bank headquarters also told reporters that from the appreciation of the dollar cycle, gold has the following line space. Goldman Sachs said in a report, even though gold prices have rebounded in recent months, but in the long run, this does not change the depressed Outlook for precious metals markets.

us real interest rates is expected to be higher, while gold prices will come under pressure. Goldman Sachs predicted that from now on for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, gold at $ 1100 an ounce, $ 1050/Oz and $ 1000/oz level that marks the current decline in the level of the 14%. Investing in gold jewelry has very little meaning for domestic investors, the current formal channels for investing in gold and other precious metals, according to whether there is a lever can be divided into two broad categories. Among them, including physical gold investment channels with no leverage design and paper gold. Including physical bars of gold jewelry, banks, and so on.

financial planner, investment in gold jewelry has very little meaning. Because of its process more complicated than gold bullion coins, price includes processing fee, which makes gold jewelry value and the price of gold has a gap and the loss of discount jewelry collection as well. Paper gold refers to the investors by banks quoted in book buying and selling virtual gold. In contrast, paper gold is not physical gold withdrawal, its advantage of being traded from a low, convenient transactions and flexible realisation. Worth noting is that currently there is no physical gold shorting mechanism, only higher prices can get benefits only for unilateral intervention when the rally.

in addition, the Shanghai gold Exchange's launch of the gold "T+D" and gold futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange, short selling and margin trading. Financial planner also warned that investors should be alert underground speculation risks. In fact, in recent years about "underground speculation" fraud cases are reported, but there are still investors cheated.


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