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Financial literacy

How to read fund quarterly report

a look at the portfolio. The quarterly report will disclose the net asset value of the Fund heavily invested in the top 10 stock details and stock portfolio by industry (bonds and money market funds). This is to examine fund investment styles and the basis of selection. Heavily invested in stocks from the industry and features can be seen in part, fund managers ' investment preferences.

you can also pass the ownership concentration of dispersion of the investments of the Fund.   In addition, top ten holdings each quarter appears more than half of new faces, stating that the fund transfer positions frequently, fund managers prefer short-term operation.

two investment strategies.   Market prospect of description in the funds, investors can clearly understand the Fund's investment ideas as well as market analysis and industry allocation strategy, as a reference for their investments.

three share changes. Fund size is too large or too small, of the Fund's investment portfolio's liquidity, investment style and harder will harm, and attracted investor attention.  

while changes in fund shares if too sharply, it means that there have been large-scale purchase and redemption, investors can be combined with changes in the market conditions to find out reasons.

four NET performance. NET in many indicators, net growth (including net worth and net cumulative growth rates) is more reasonable evaluation of fund performance index.   Investors will compare it to the performance baseline yields over the same period, you can understand the actual operation of the Fund and the Fund benchmark difference specified in the contract, so as to determine fund performance.

as a Fund's quarterly "scorecard", quarterly report to investors with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the Fund, but also according to preliminary comparison with other funds. But investors should also be recognized that past performance does not represent its future earnings, nor simply a hero on the quarter.